'Final Fantasy XIII Uses Nearly 100 Percent of PS3 Power'

Final Fantasy XIII is a multi-platform title. In the West, it's being released on the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360. In Japan, it's not.

The game has only been announced for the PS3 in Japan.

Last year, the Final Fantasy XIII demo was finished. "The game's development is currently going well," said FFXIII producer Yoshinori Kitase. "We are finishing up the tail end of the development."

When asked how much of the PS3's power FFXIII will make use of, the producer told Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation 3, "Doesn't the demo use about 50 percent of its power? Of course, I think the retail version will make use of nearly 100 percent."

He went on to say that the game will make use of all the PS3's hardware power much like Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X made use of the PlayStation and the PlayStation 2, respectively. Kitase added that there won't be any disc swap issues due to Blu-ray and the PS3's hard drive.

Wonder what all this means for the Xbox 360 version.


    Wouldn't it be ironic if Microsoft's coup in wresting exclusivity of Final Fantasy XIII away from Sony only lead to highlighting deficiencies of the XBox 360 compared to the PS3.

    Before someone cries 'fanboy!', I do own both consoles, and it's arguable if any multiplatform game to date has been beeter on the PS3 then the XBox 360.
    I do admit to wanting the PS3 version to be better though. Would make me feel some vindication for spending all that money on it.

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