Finally, A Shaving Razor For Gamers

Unshaven gamers rejoice, as relief is finally here. Gillette has recently introduced the new Fusion Gamer, finally bringing the science of facial hair removal to our scruffy industry.

For ages, gamers have had to make do with the same shaving devices that normal people use, to varying degrees of success. Some of us had given up, letting the facial hair run wild in desperate hope that one day a razor would be released that was just for us. Well that day has come. Commercials have begun springing up for the Gillette Fusion Gamer and Fusion Power Gamer, two razors created solely for those of us who dabble in the interactive electronic arts.

No, I am completely serious. The web page features the silhouette of an Xbox 360 controller as a loading meter. Once the page loads, 3D models of three of Gillette's celebrity sports endorsement drones step out of their games to pick up the razor, perhaps marveling at the confusing new gaming device they've discovered.

Essentially the razor is just a Gillette Fusion, they're five-bladed monstrosity with the precision trimmer on the back, giving the more clumsy among us all new ways to cut open our faces.

The is simply unbelievable. You cannot simply slap the word gamer on the end of your product and then market it to gamers, especially when you are using athletes in your marketing. The only one I recognised when I saw the commercial on Comedy Central this weekend was Tiger Woods, and that's only because there is a game with his face on it. This is sheer stupidity, and Penny Arcade agrees.

The Gillette Fusion Game
r [Official Website - thanks Andrew!]


    I saw an ad for this thing the other week, nearly wet myself laughing. Seriously this "for gamers" targeted product release stuff is just plain out of control. Nobody is going to buy this thing unless they need a new razor and its the only one on the shelf.

    This is genius. Clearly gamers don't need their own razor. I don't think Gillette expects gamers to take it seriously. But every gamer will blog about how pointless the product is. It's a viral campaign. And I dare say it'll do wonders for their Google ranking.

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