First Image of BioShock 2's Big Sister

Game Informer's April cover confirms what Kotaku readers already knew: Big Sister will greet gamers when they land in BioShock 2's Rapture later this year.

The cover shows off the new creature, which we described as an amazonian version of the Big Daddy, wearing similar, though svelter, gear. The image depicts a Little Sister riding on the back of the Big Sister in a sort of papoose cage.

The story behind the Big Sister and what sort of role they or it will play in the upcoming game will likely be revealed both at this month's Game Developers Conference and perhaps in the latest Game Informer which promises 10 pages of coverage.

Big Sisters Stalk Onto BioShock 2 [Kotaku]


    That's right kids, the word of the week is "svelter".


    Woah, woah- hey, I'm an older sister, and I'm very much overly protective of my little, autistic sister! Hell, I walk her to her classes everyday at school, and look pretty menacing if anyone tries to knock her down in the corridors! In fact, because of my bulky frame (D:) a friend of mine even jokingly called me a Big Daddy a while back...

    Yeah... Anyway, I actually like this design. I'm still a bit skeptical of how the sequel will turn out, but I'm hoping for the best~

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