Gamers Well Represented at Blood Drive

Who showed up to Capcom's blood drive for RE5? A guy who wears a PowerGlove as a fashion statement. Someone cosplaying a merchant from Assassin's Creed Resident Evil 4. And a self-described "shut-in" who drinks forties all day.

Yes, people of Los Angeles, if you get in a nasty-arse wreck on the Harbor Freeway, you could be revived with gamer blood from these guys. Look, I like my games and my booze, too, but this is enough to make me convert to Christian Science.

Current TV dumps a whooooole bunch of fish into a barrel and starts blasting away in this 2 minute clip. Nothing easier in the world than playing straight man in your own comedy video. The completely gratuitous DDT into a folding chair at the end, do you think he had to ask those two to do that? Makes me wonder what was edited out.

Resident Evil's Bloody Unveiling [Current via GamePolitics]


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