GDC 2009 Official Gift Shop Full Of Very Expensive, Awesome Swag

Want a GDC shot glass? Perhaps a flask or Zippo lighter? Here's a look at the lovely over expensive swag to be purchased from the official Game Developers Conference gift shop this year.

If you happen to be in the San Francisco area and crave something stamped with the GDC logo, head up to Moscone West on the second floor. There are tons of things to choose from: shirts and hoodies to bags and developer books. The only catch is that as soon as something says GDC on it, the price goes up astronomically. So who buys this stuff? Within fifteen minutes of opening the store was packed with attendees not willing to leave GDC without something to brag about. In fact, I bought a jacket last year and replaced it again this year. The buyer's remorse is just now settling in.

gdc store 1.jpg

gdc store 2.jpg

gdc store 3.jpg

gdc store 4.jpg

gdc store 5.jpg

gdc store 6.jpg


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