Get The Whole World Of Goo In Your Hands For $5 This Weekend

Stumped for something to play this weekend? Play World of Goo! The 2D Boy developed puzzler is the current Steam Weekend Deal, marked down a ludicrous 75%. That means a paltry US$5 to you.

You know you want World of Goo. Everybody loved it, including us. And you don't want to be one of those video game pirating so and so's responsible for sending a nice indie developer like 2D Boy into the poorhouse. Plus, the soundtrack is free!

The system requirements are low, the game is cheap, and you'll impress your friends with your varied gameplay tastes. What more could you want? A link? Here you go!

World of Goo [Steam]


    An excellent deal. I decided to buy it on Saturday and went on Steam and was pleasantly surprised it only costs $5 this weekend. But I was unable to buy it, as Australians can't use paypal if they are younger than eighteen. (I'm less than a year younger, So annoying!)

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