Google To Bring 'Gaming Industry's Most Iconic Characters To Life' At GDC

A last-minute invite from Google could be very exciting or completely dull and uninteresting — but there's just no way to tell which.

I scrolled right by this message in my inbox, mostly because it's a dull black matte image and also because I'm pretty much booked solid for GDC.

I only gave it a second thought when VentureBeat pointed out, quite rightly, that the marketing strategy of the last-minute invite in the middle of a gigantic conference week is what Apple does when it wants to launch a hot, new product that makes the Internet explode.

Granted, gaming themes for iGoogle doesn't sound nearly as newsworthy as the iPhone OS 3.0. But if they make good on that promise and somehow manage to bring Mega Man to life... Then I'll sweat blood to fit this party into my schedule. And the Internet may indeed explode.


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