Grand Theft Auto Creators Just Hit Paydirt

The Houser brothers (and other top Rockstar personnel) are, no doubt, already rich. Filthy rich. But today it was announced they've all become a lot richer.

You may remember in December 2008, Rockstar's top talent (including Sam & Dan Houser, Leslie Benzies and "several other key members of the creative team") signed a deal with publishers Take-Two that would see them continue releasing games together until 2012. In return for their games, Rockstar would receive a cut of the profits. And that cut looks like a sizeable one.

It was today disclosed that Rockstar's best and brightest were to receive 2,849,003 shares in Take-Two (pending shareholder approval next month). That translates to around, oh, $18 million worth of stock. Which is a lot, but remember: this is only March 2009. Meaning this is only the start.


    It's heartbreaking to see the Economic Crisis hitting poor RockStar so hard.

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