Guitar Hero DLC: Pixies, Motörhead, Nirvana

There's so much Rock Band DLC on offer every week that it's easy to forget that, occasionally, Guitar Hero World Tour gets some as well. Here's what it's getting for the month of April.

On April 2, there'll be three Pixies songs made available: Debaser, Monkey Gone To Heaven & The Sad Punk. April 9 sees the release of three tracks by the Silversun Pickups, those being Panic Switch, It's Nice to Know You Work Alone & Well Thought Out Twinkles.

On April 16, Steely Dan's Black Friday, Kid Charlemagne and Bodhisattva will be released, while on April 23, you can get Jailbait, Love Me Like a Reptile and Iron Fist by Motörhead.

Rounding out the month will be a Nirvana track pack on April 30, including Very Ape, Sappy & Stay Away.


    Aaaaaaand that is why Rock Band is still in the lead. Seriously - I already have all of Nevermind as DLC for Rock Band 2. I'm currently nursing bloody stumps where my fingers once were after tackling SRV's Texas Flood and will be looking forward to fully reliving my awkward teenage grunge days with Pear Jam's Ten - again the whole album. I was excited at GH:WT's Bobby Seger track pack til I read that it was all B grade material - none of the songs you'd really want to play. I own both games, I have money to spend on DLC, my wife likes playing them, my daughter plays as well and we'd be happy to share our time equally but right now Rock Band is just streaks ahead.

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