Halo: ODST Mosaic Gets First Day Zero Urban Legend

Bungie was plundered of all its Mythic Map Pack early release codes in about a nanosecond this past week. That hasn't stopped the hopeful delusional from believing more can be found.

In a weekly update that sought to sweep all the begging urchins from their front door, Bungie also included that mosaic, made from screenshots, of a Game Informer's recent Halo 3: ODST cover. Reader Eddie M., who is "down" with the "word" on the "street" says folks are whispering that some of the individual screengrabs contain Mythic codes.

Mmm-hm. And Alfonso Ribeiro broke his neck doing the headspin, Michael Jackson got a sex change and became LaToya, and Mikey blew his head off with Pop Rocks and Coca-Cola.

But, you can embiggen it and go hunting if you want. Oh, uh, I spent an hour on it and couldn't find anything, either. If you do spot a code, send it to me first.

Bungie Weekly Update [Bungie]


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