Happy 200th Issue, Edge

Game magazines come and game magazines go, but there's one game magazine I've bought on a regular basis since I picked up the first issue all the way back in 1993. And that's Edge.

You may hate them for their snooty tone and tough review standards, that's cool. Just as many people enjoy and respect those things, which is probably why around 30,000 people around the world still read the mag every month.

Well, that and the magazine's art style, which has long helped it stand out from the pack on a news stand, and which is being put to the ultimate test (along with your tolerance for nutty marketing gimmicks) when the magazine celebrates its 200th issue with... 200 covers.

Yes, there'll be 200 covers to choose from when the 200th issue goes on sale next week. Well, 199. The 200th has been designed by LittleBigPlanet developers Media Molecule, and will be the cover shipped to subscribers. You can see a selection of the covers above, or click below for a gallery of all 200.

EDGE 200: Full Cover Gallery [EDGE]


    Love edge but not enough to buy 200 of the same mag. it will happen though i have friends who will have to do it to get to sleep at night

    click on where below???????????



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