Have Microsoft Stopped Sending Out Boxes For 360 Repairs?

Have Microsoft Stopped Sending Out Boxes For 360 Repairs?

It’s been standard practice for a while now that, if your 360 broke, Microsoft would send you a box, so you could send your console back in. But a Consumerist report today claims otherwise.

They cite the story of reader Zach, who says:

My Xbox red-ringed for the second time this weekend. Which is almost a relief after hearing how bad my disc drive was sounding, but not so much after hearing the new policy. I was told that Xbox no longer ships out a box to you and you must find a box to ship it out in. Yeah I guess its not a big deal, but I think it gives them another thing to hold over your head; “We are sorry, Sir, but you didn’t back it well enough and it appears the damage was due to shipping, we cannot help you.”

Sounds ominous. And, given these tough economic times, somewhat plausible, so there’s a good chance you may have seen the story doing the rounds earlier today. But Microsoft claim otherwise, telling us:

Reports that Microsoft now requires consumers to find their own packaging for sending product to Xbox 360 customer support are inaccurate. Our policy allows customers to choose whether they would like Microsoft to ship them a box and shipping label or print an electronic label and ship their console using their own packaging in an effort to speed up the repair process.

Sounds like Zach got a dud customer service rep. Which, to be fair to him, wouldn’t be the first time that happened when trying to contact their god-awful help line.

Kotaku AU Note: As far as I’m aware the practice of sending out boxes was limited to the US and not something that Microsoft Australia ever did.

Microsoft Tells Broken Xbox Owners To Find Their Own Shipping Boxes [Consumerist]


  • For both my red rings and my drive failure I had to supply my own packaging, first I’ve heard of them supplying you with a box. Good thing is I’ve kept the box that they shipped it back in so I just keep using that.

  • I had to send back my 360 for repairs two years ago. A while after I go it back I got an Elite which also broke down after about 7 months, sent it back and when it returned I sold it coz I was fed up with the unreliability. About 6 months later I bought another one coz I wanted to play Fable 2.

    I never received a box to ship it back in. I wasn’t even aware that they did this. Both times they sent me a shipping label and I had to pay for a box and packing material myself.

  • When my PS3’s BD drive failed, I was emailed a postage label and told to take it to the post office with my PS3. The post office boxed the console and sent it off, with no cost to me.
    I guess Microsoft just have poor customer service set up here.

  • I got a box when I sent my box in for repairs. It was one of the first box’s released in Australia… It laid dormant Red Ringed for about… 18 months before this whole issue got resolved, and surely enough, Microsoft sent me out a box.

    So yeah, it does happen in Australia

    No problem now though… got a ps3 🙂

    (Funny thing is though, its blue-ray player broke out of the box.. sigh, but got a new one the next day)

  • I’ve registered for repairs previously and they have shipped me a box with special foam end cap things. I registered for repairs late last year and they sent a box again, damn thing started working again, so the repair ticket lapsed its 30 days. I had to re-register a week ago as it finally carked it, they were very clear that I had to supply my own suitable box. I didn’t query the policy as I still had the box from previous repair booking unused. Perhaps they are assuming the majority of 360 users have had a previous repair and know it will happen again, so assume they have kept their boxes. haha.

  • My Xbox red ringed twice. The first time They sent me the label via email. I had requested a box but they said the option wasnt availible in australia. I guess in the long run it gets your xbox back to you faster. The second time it red ringed a week later i just used the box they sent it back to me in with the fancy end caps etc. Which felt much safer. But i got my xbox back within 2-3 weeks and i was happy. Dispite the box thing ($12) service was alright

  • My first 360 was stolen.. had it for 18 months or more.. no rrod.. got myself another arcade a while later..had it about 8 months, and it went rrod just this weekend gone. Was emailed a shipping label and instructions on how to box, but no box supplied. Lucky for me I work for a computer wholesaler, so I just flogged a box and bubble wrap from work 😉 Worked out nicely! Hopefully I’ll get it back soon. Itching to play more SF4 :0

  • I’ve had a few issues but only had to call Microsoft twice to send for a coffin, (2nd time was Saturday just gone) and each time i have to provide my own box. Guess ozzies luck out most the time.

  • my xbos just red ring this week and microsoft sent my the box with everything but i didn’t call them i used their online repair thing and i receive the box next day

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