How a Major News Show Blames Crisp's Death on Pro Gaming

I mentioned earlier this week the CBC's misguided attempts at laying the blame of Brandon Crisps' death at the feet of pro-gaming, and not society, his parents or Crisp himself.

The segment of Fifth Estate aired last night and is now available to watch on their website. It is as frustrating as you might expect it to be.

Top Gun [CBC]


    Now here's a crazy idea - why don't the parents try doing a little parenting? Did they not think that maybe the amount of gaming he was doing was unhealthy for a child his age? Did they not consider maybe imposing certain times of day in which he was and wasn't allowed to play?

    For the vast bulk of my childhood I was only allowed to play our computer once a week and in retrospect I think it worked well as a system. Overexposure to stuff like gaming can clearly breed obsession, which as this news item demonstrates is the last thing we need.

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