How Your Wii Games Would Look In 720p

While we're all pretty much over it, it's still a lingering disappointment that we've missed out this generation on seeing high definition Nintendo games. But wait, what's this? A workaround?

Provided you get your hands on a Dolphin emulator for the Wii and legally copy your own games to your PC, you can see what they'd look like if Nintendo had decided to bring the Wii's graphics into the 21st century.

These clips (don't forget to click "HD!") show the game running in what equates to 720p, and while this will be nothing new to the emulator crowd (who are used to seeing these kind of clean-up jobs), it's something new to the high definition dreamers out there in the Mushroom Kingdom.

[renebarahona @ YouTube, via Go Nintendo]


    If this can be done through software and from unchanged source material, why don't Nintendo release an optional update for the Wii? Component cables can carry a 720p signal. Surely it wouldn't put too much strain on the Wii's processor and GPU?

    If anyone who knows more about the tech behind this wants to explain why that's not possible, I would love to hear it so I can get rid of this newfound hope. I am far from anti-Wii and I'm definitely in the camp that can take lesser graphics with good gameplay, but I'm also a realist: I would prefer to play these games in 720p, and anyone who says otherwise is a blind fanboy. Those videos look nice.

    This is running on an emulator running on a modern PC (which is orders of magnitude faster than the Gamecube/Wii). So yeah, they cant do it on the Wii CPU/GPU, they can only do it in the emulator because PCs are so much faster.

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