I Am 8-BIt? More Like Ich Bin 8-Bit

i am 8-bit is as influential as gaming art shows get. But it doesn't just influence artists. It influences art shows. Even German art shows.

Like Ich Bin 8-Bit (cute), a spin-off show that's running until April 4 at the nuerotitan gallery in Berlin. It's like i am 8-bit in that it's focusing on game-related art, but it's not like i am 8-bit in that it's going to be made up entirely of art pieces constructed with post-it notes, which are "the ultimate pixelated canvas".

If you're in the neighbourhood, it looks well worth checking out, as it's going to be dominated by a large Jude Buffum piece and features, amongst other artists, Jim Mahfood.

Ich Bin 8-Bit


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