Indie Tuesdays: And Yet It Moves

Indie Tuesdays: And Yet It Moves

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That most traditional of genres, the 2D platformer continues to receive inspired treatment at the hands of indie designers. See the likes of Knytt, Cave Story, Braid, Iji, Spelunky, the upcoming Fez and Feist, to name but a few of more recent slices of reinvention. Now we can add And Yet It Moves to that list.

And Yet It Moves marries a novel visual aesthetic to an even more unexpected control mechanic. Complementing the standard left/right and jump movement is the ability to rotate the entire playfield via 90-degree increments. This rotation forms the core of game’s puzzles: “walls become floors, tunnels may suddenly be used as downward slides and a stone resting on the ground may fall, becoming either a dangerous obstacle or useful object for catapulting”. This teaser video shows how it all works.

No word yet on when the full game will be ready, but you can download a work-in-progress demo for PC or Mac at the link below.

And Yet It Moves [Official site]

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