Indie Tuesdays: Mind Fuck

Indie Tuesdays: Mind Fuck


Sometimes the simplest games are the best.

Anna Anthropy (aka Dessgeega, aka Auntie Pixelante) is an indie designer with a skewed sense of humour and a taste for unusual. Her recently released Mind Fuck is akin to a two-player game of chicken.

mind fuck is an experimental game for two players, one using the left shift key and the other using the right shift key. the goal is to collect 400 points. a counter in the middle of the screen keeps increasing, and whichever player presses her key first gets those points added to her total. you want to press the key before your opponent does, but you also want to hold out as long as possible before doing so. read your opponent, intimidate her, distract her, press your button right before she’s about to press hers.

I recommend giving it a go with an office colleague and seeing how well it manages to live up to its name.

Mind Fuck [Auntie Pixelante]

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