Indie Tuesdays: The Wonderful End of the World

the wonderful end of the world 1.jpg

We've written about The Wonderful End of the World before, describing it as "Katamari Damacy on crack" - a turn of phrase that is as misleading as it is cringeworthy. The truth is it's Katamari Damacy, period. But it's worth mentioning again. Why?

Because not only is it the only way you can play Katamari Damacy on your PC, the developer Dejobaan Games has slashed its price in half, from US$20 to US$10. Meaning, if you haven't yet sampled the delights of this hugely playable, knowing, self-reflexive and quite, quite mad indie game, then you now have no excuse.

The Wonderful End of the World [Dejobaan]


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