Irem Does Its Best To Sex Up Spelunker

Minna de Spelunker is coming to the PlayStation 3 in Japan. How does one generate interest in a high-def Spelunker remake? Put women in short outfits! Short Spelunker outfits!

It's a pretty easy formula, one that publisher Irem capitalised upon when opening up the "Spelunker Lounge" this past week to Spelunker-crazed Japanese journalists. Simply take an existing character and, regardless of the gender of the main character(s), redesign that character's outfit with minimal leg coverage. Then stand near the playable version of the game being promoted.

Oh! And bring booze!

We'll bet that Spelunker wine tastes delicious. Probably more enjoyable than our hands-on time with the PlayStation Network game at Tokyo Game Show, anyway.

"ひ弱さ"健在! 関係者パーティーで『みんなでスペランカー』を体験 [Gpara]


    Japan's always had a strange and somewhat unhealthy obsession with the Famicom Spelunker. Searching for the name in kana using Google or Youtube nets many interesting results. It may seem an odd choice to Westerners - it's got something to do with the sheer wussiness of the character. In a culture that remembers 8-bit Mario would die from touching virtually anything, a character that dies from that plus falling a distance further than his own shoes is an easy target, especially since a first-time player will immediately asusme you can fall any height and jump off the starting elevator too high!

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