Is This The Perfect PS3 First-Person Shooter Controller?

mLani Studios is gearing up for a spring release for the MoBi, a wireless PlayStation 3 and PC controller that's one part mouse, one part analogue stick.

The MoBi basically takes a PlayStation 3 controller and splits it in half. Movement is controlled by the analogue stick on the bit held in the left hand, while a 2000 DPI, 500 megahertz laser mouse takes the place of the right analogue stick. It's mouse and keyboard control, only without the pesky keyboard taking up all that room. Of course you'll still need a flat surface for the mouse, but that's what TV trays are made for.

On a PC, the MoBi functions like any other laser mouse, with the WASD keys mapped to the analogue stick on the left hand device.

Could this be the future of first-person shooters on the PlayStation 3? Probably not. It's very attractive, and it certainly looks comfortable, but I've spent years getting used to the PlayStation controller, to the point where introducing a new setup would probably just make me worse than I already am.

Then of course there is the question of price, which mLani has yet to address. We expect to know more closer to the MoBi's release this spring.

So speak up, first-person shooter fans! Buy or pass?


    Well then you will be slayed into the ground endlessly by anyone who has this if you can't use it. A mouse is miles ahead of a controller in terms of accuracy and maneuverability.

    The Playstations have always had terrible analog sticks. They just weren't noticed as much on the PS1 and PS2 where most input was digital anyway, or games were designed so that you just pushed the stick the whole way. Now in the current gen it is too noticeable. The only thing I can fault on Killzone 2 is the PS3 pad, the way it has a massive dead zone where the sticks do nothing, and then the terrible diagonal detection. This device might just fix the biggest problem for shooters on the PS3! Unless someone can mod me an Xbox 360 pad?!

    I'm amazed that I'm one of only a few who's aware of the FragFX by Splitfish, which this is exactly like (only this thing is wireless and ugly). I'm also curious as to why the Mlani website is claiming that they invented most of Splitfish's products, including the FragFX and the MotionFX.

    The Frag-FX had problems converting the movement of a mouse on what happens on the screen and we don't know if this thing is any different.

    To as the question of whether we'll be parting with our hard-earned without offering so much as a scrap of evidence that it works seems a bit daft to me.

    There is something that's supposed to do the job a whole lot better though and has video footage to back it up (check out the awesome hand modelling)
    The XFPS RateUp

    for the people who prefer the cod controls to killzone just go to settings and change killzones controls to alternate 2

    I tested both FragFX and XFPS Rateup,

    Considering as 1 to a tipical laptop touchpad and 10 a pc-gaming-made mouse as the Logitech G7 i can tell you next.

    The FragFX stick controller is OK, comfortable but not so fast response as an ASWD configuration. Though the mouse seems like a toy and works like a toy, slow response time
    and impossible to have any decent aim, bad quality buttons, too small size and weight. It looks more like a 90's mouse than a last generation console accesory. I give it a 5.

    The XCM XFPS Rateup works very good on some games like Jericho or The Darkness. Response and accuracy are nearly to a pc plaform. You really feel like you're gaming on your pc, maybe in a pc with a ball-mouse with dirty rollers but pc at last. Because this is only an adaptor you can use keyboards and mouses made for pc use, so the comfort is optimal.

    One problem with the XFPS is the hardware compatibility. I bought a standard usb mini keyboard and a logitech G7 for use with the PS3, well, the fact is neither works with the XFPS, so after many tests i make it work with an Microsoft ps2 keyboard and a Logitech MX mouse. So bad because i will have to have another set of kb and mouse only for using the XFPS.

    The other problem with the XFPS is the initial mapping of keys. I mean mapping the keys is great but, when you have to do this every time you're going to play it's so frustrating. I give it a 7 to the XFPS.

    Would be great if anybody tests this new controller and share his/her experiences.

    both this and the Frag FX is a cheap way to win at a console FPS or TPS. it takes away from the game.

    and i'm not going to spend lots of money to just play ONE game really well for cheap thrills to take away the fun from other ppl (MGO for example) anyone with one of those regaurdless of skill lvl, can play like a pro if they have enough money to waste on sutch a product, i mean don't get me wrong, it a good idea for internet browsing and stuff like that. but i think it takes away from console gaming.

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