Japan Doesn't Like Dragonball Evolution Game

Japan loves Dragonball. Japan loves the PSP. Japan does not love PSP title Dragonball Evolution.

The game is based on the Hollywood flick Dragonball Evolution, which is all kinds of stupid. Japan has turned its nose up at the PSP game.

Dragonball games traditionally sell exactly well in Japan, the one movie inspired one hasn't. According to early sales reports, the game sold a whopping 1,200 on launch day. During the rest of the week, it apparently moved a mere 600 copies, bringing first week sales to a grand total of 1,800 copies.

*slow clap*

Official sales figures are forthcoming.

ゲームドラゴンボール エボリューション [2ch]


    Honestly...what did they expect? It's a Budokai clone with things taken OUT! Looks like a boring fighter.

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