Japanese Gamers More Satisfied With Xbox 360 Than Wii Or PS3

Game magazine Famitsu has published the results of a reader poll about console satisfaction. Results cover the DS, Wii, PSP, PS3 and the Xbox 360. Readers were also polled about games as well.

Keep in mind, this poll questioned Famitsu readers, whose opinions might differ from more mainstream Japanese consumers. That, and not as many Japanese consumers actually have Xbox 360s.

Let's have a look at the raw data:

Nintendo DS
377 replies
• Don't have a Nintendo DS: 15.1 percent
• Dissatisfied: 7.4 percent
• Somewhat dissatisfied: 14.1 percent
• Ordinary: 21.8 percent
• Satisfied: 22.5 percent
• Extremely satisfied: 19.1 percent
Composite Satisfaction Score: 3.4

According to Famitsu, a common reply was: "There aren't games I really want to play."

376 replies
• Don't have a Wii: 43.3 percent
• Dissatisfied: 4.3 percent
• Somewhat dissatisfied: 13.3 percent
• Ordinary: 12.5 percent
• Satisfied: 18.4 percent
• Extremely satisfied: 8.2 percent
Composite Satisfaction Score: 3.2

According to Famitsu, a common reply was: "I don't have one."

387 replies
• Don't have a PSP: 15.5 percent
• Dissatisfied: 4.1 percent
• Somewhat dissatisfied: 5.6 percent
• Ordinary: 11.4 percent
• Satisfied: 46.3 percent
• Extremely satisfied: 17.1 percent
Composite Satisfied Score: 3.8

According to Famitsu, many are using the PSP for its non-game possibilities and think the PSP has turned into a Monster Hunter machine.

361 replies
• Don't have a PS3: 41.6 percent
• Dissatisfied: 5.3 percent
• Somewhat dissatisfied: 7.6 percent
• Ordinary: 6.2 percent
• Satisfied: 22.7 percent
• Extremely satisfied: 16.6 percent
Composite Satisfied Score: 3.6

According to Famitsu, many don't yet have the PS3 because they feel the price is too high. Many also seemed impressed with the PS3's Blu-ray capacity.

Xbox 360
370 replies
• Don't have an Xbox 360: 53.5 percent
• Dissatisfied: 1.4 percent
• Somewhat dissatisfied: 4.3 percent
• Ordinary: 0.8 percent
• Satisfied: 16.2 percent
• Extremely satisfied: 23.8 percent
Composite Satisfied Score: 4.2

According to Famitsu, the reason why many said they do not own an Xbox 360 is dissatisfaction with price and concern with hardware failure issues. Very satisfied users praised the system's networked features and library of foreign titles.

Famitsu also polled users about which games they were most satisfied with. The game that scored the highest satisfaction is PS3 title Demon's Souls. Coming in second place is another PS3 title Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 (aka Yakuza 3). Following behind that PS3 exclusive is multi-platform title Street Fighter IV and Xbox 360 title Star Ocean 4.

Japanese Gamers' Satisfaction Levels of Recent Releases and Consoles Reported by Famitsu [N4G via はちま起稿]


    I'll settle this once and for all because I live in Tokyo. All my friends who are gamers here own PS3. I know one guy who owns a 360, and he only bought it for Star Ocean. I'm the only one that owns a Wii. nuff said.

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