Kama Sutra Comes To The DS

Note: this isn't a retail product. There's no Nintendo seal on the box. So no running off and telling Fox News, OK! Instead, this handy guide to all things carnal comes via the homebrew community.

SutraDS, as it's called, was whipped up by Cid2Mizard and submitted as part of a DS flash cart's annual coding competition. Those found wanting in the variety stakes will no doubt enjoy the convenience of an instructional program that's easier to hide than an actual book, but that's not why we like it.

We like it because there are awful animations. Oh, and because English isn't Cid2Mizard's first language, leaving us with such handy tips as "the woman is installed in four legs, the man is in knees."

NSFW: Kama Sutra for your DS → [Tiny Cartridge]


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