Katamari Damacy PS3 Rolls Up A New Look

Katamari Damacy has already made a current-gen appearance, on the Xbox 360. It was a bit of a let-down, though. The upcoming PS3 title - Katamari Damacy Tribute - is at least trying something new.

You'll notice in the trailer that, apart from the fact there are animals providing a play-by-play, the graphics for the game have changed. Which is a first for the series! The last four titles, across PS2, PSP and 360, all shared the same art style.

But here, there's options! You can play it like the originals, yes, or you can play with cel-shaded visuals, or even a mode that just looks nicer, with things like fancy shadows. Which is bound to upset Katamari "purists", but then, for an upgrade, it's as tasteful as you can hope for. It's not like the game's gone brown on you.


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