Killzone 2 Comp: The Runners-Up, Part One

killzone 2 eyes cover.jpg

These guys didn't quite win our Killzone 2 comp. But their entries were awesome enough we just had to post them.


    Awwww...if this countdown goes past 5pm I won't get to see the winner till Monday :(

    Some very very cool artwork. I really like Jonathan B's entry


    It'll continue throughout the weekend with the winner announced on Monday.

    Wow; I like RV's entry. Its really nicely done - simple and still effective in delivering the message of "war."

    Wow every one of these puts my entry to shame, they are just so awesome!

    My boyfriend submitted an awesome movie, and if he dosen't win the comp isn't the only thing he'll lose D: !

    If Jonathan B didn't win it must've been something pretty awesome, there's bound to be a Lego submission somewhere

    Awwww... AWWW!!!!! Oh well... good luck to the rest of you who entered!

    NRD80Y: Cheers.

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