Killzone 2 Comp: The Runners-Up, Part Six

Here's the video that took second place in our Killzone 2 competition. Kem P's inspired animation might have just - only just - missed out on the top prize. But, thanks to Sony's generosity, we'll be sending him a Killzone 2 t-shirt and poster for his efforts. 3rd place winner Andrew B and fellow runners-up Jonathan B, Sean N and NRD80Y will also be receiving a t-shirt and poster. Congratulations, guys.

UPDATE: Sorry guys, video's working now. A new version of the clip was uploaded to Youtube, but we hadn't updated the post.


    Thanks guys.

    Cheers Kotaku. Appreciate the runners up prize!

    Gratz to everyone for the cool entries. More comps like this!

    Although now I'm going to have the bug the missus the let me buy a PS3 because ever since this comp has been running I've had a hankering to play Killzone 2 :p

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