Killzone 2 Comp: The Winner



    I thought this'd be the winner. Congrats!!

    I would have given it to the 1st runner up. Making a movie would have been difficult and making something that didn't completely suck is a great effort (Which is exactly what something by me would have done!). I just think that the animation by the runner up identified more with the "creative, authentic, immersive and impressive recreation of a Killzone 2 battle" rules that were set out, and I think it was more impressive. Congrats to the winner/s though

    i was on youtube last week checking out some of these entries, as soon as i saw this one i pretty much knew it was game over for the rest of us.

    well done

    Yes I agree, its a shame that one persons hard work is not rewarded while a group project such as that one is. The animated ones were much more creative and more difficult to produce. I see stuff like this on youtube all the time.

    Ah, so now we can justify inhaling copious amounts of asbestos inside that warehouse while you filmed this. It says Jordan D and friends, looks like we might have to divide that PS3 into four parts :P Good work Jordie.

    Truly deserving

    Very nicely done. Congrats Jordan D.....

    Btw, I think what ultimately tops this production off is your main guys hair.

    Well done, looks like a lot of time and effort went into this so congrats.
    (mind you, I like the 2nd place animation best, more ps3's to the masses I say)

    Where’s my reward! I didn’t sweat my arse off in that costume for nothing! lol :P Grats J-dawg knew you’d win.

    Wow, thanks! I was really amazed by the creativity of the other entries, in particular the shoebox video (bloody hilarious) and the animation.
    The video was shot in a few hours, and I spent nearly 12 hours straight editing it. (the helghast's eyes were a BITCH to do, tracking manually frame by frame... over swimming goggles ^_^)

    gratz on the PS3 bundle, now there will be more n00bs for me to pwn :P

    There was absolutely nothing entertaining about this. Just because it was well done doesn't make it good. There was next to no creativity involved and it was just boring.

    Great, if you had more editing and time, AWESOMENESS would have been ensured

    I'm glad it ended before they had their way with him.

    Well done Jordan!

    I give it a Solid Gold Telephone

    Well done to the winner!
    And thanks everyone for your support (2nd place animation)
    I'm glad you all enjoyed it.

    Now what are you gonna two with two PSTripples J-Dawgz?

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