Knights Of Nightmare Gets Atlus Spoils Treatment

Atlus’ upcoming strategy action hybrid

Knights in the Nightmare for the Nintendo DS will ship with a soundtrack CD and a pre-order art book, all because of a monkey.

Well, a chimpanzee at least. Atlus’ press release puts the full blame for the extra-added Knights in the Nightmare swag on Atlus Spoils program manager Charlie the chimpanzee.

“In hindsight, hiring a non-human for this position may have been a mistake,” said Aram Jabbari, manager of PR and Sales at Atlus. “We appreciate his zeal for the work, and he certainly livens up company parties, but to offer not only a soundtrack CD in a premium package, but a pre-order bonus art book also? He’s taking this Atlus Spoils thing too far. We’d get rid of him, but he has consistently threatened us with lawsuits and handfuls of excrement, making it an uncomfortable prospect.”

Lets just hope none of the excrement makes it into the box when Knights in the Nightmare ships in North America on June 2.

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