Kotaku Sneaks Into IGN AU Awards Bash

ign awards photo.jpg

It's not often one gets invited to a rival media outlet's party. But that's what happened on Thursday night when I found myself at the IGN AU Select Awards, rubbing shoulders with these three idiots gentlemen.

I can safely vouch that a drunken good time was had by all. It's always fun to share an evening with the entire industry, where those console war grudges are left behind and everyone is there to drink celebrate video games.

Fallout 3 was the night's big winner, taking home four awards, including the big one. It was great to see Tim from Red Ant there to accept the gongs after some very trying times for the distributor of late.

And cheers to my friends at IGN for the invite! (I think you can just about spot me in one of the many photos over in IGN's gallery.)

Aussie IGN Select Award Winners Announced! [IGN]


    They just wanted you there to make up numbers, dude.

    (And to lend credibility!)

    You and your bar-lean pose!


    Nice to see you with your former Hyper buddies

    Oh God, I totally didn't notice the Mannerism in there. Still does-ing it after all these years...

    Who is the one in the middle? Looks like a halfway normal person.

    @David Fowles

    That's Tim collecting all his Fallout awards.

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