Left 4 Dead Sales Figures (Sort Of) Revealed

Left 4 Dead has been hanging around the charts for months now, like a... well, like a zombie hanging around a shopping mall. But how many copies has it sold in that time?

Speaking today at GDC, Valve revealed that it's sold 2.5 million copies at retail. Note, that's at retail. So GameStop, Amazon, that kind of thing. It does not include sales figures for Valve's own Steam service (which are top secret), so really, the number will probably be much, much higher.

Still. They're just the icing on the cake. 2.5 million is impressive enough on its own.

Left 4 Dead Hits 2.5 Million Sold at Retail [Shacknews]


    I have shelved it for month's already, sorta bit turned off on buying Valve's next big thing and will be more wary even with discount's for preorders, good to see they finally fixed the bug on finishing on expert for all scenarios after most of us gave up after months of trying to achieve something that was bugged from the beginning.

    So yeh they sold alot, but we are catching onto the update trend, release a polished game not a work in progress.

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