March 16 Shall Now Officially Be Known As 'Sony Online Entertainment Day'

There are plenty of commemorative days across the globe. Some honour great men/women, some honour great events, some even get you the day off work. But granting a day to a games developer?

That's exactly what San Diego City Council are doing. Next Tuesday (the 10th), city council member Carl DeMaio will formally proclaim March 16 as "Sony Online Entertainment Day", to mark the company's contribution to the city's coffers (SOE HQ is located in San Diego) as well as the 10th anniversary of the launch of Everquest, still the biggest title SOE have ever put out.

Sure, that flagship series isn't what it once was - remember when World of Warcraft was just another Everquest competitor? - but this is as much in recognition of past deeds as it is current relevance.

March 16 To Become SOE Day in San Diego [Voodoo Extreme]


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