Mass Effect 2 Is A 'Shooter RPG'

The first Mass Effect tried to play like a shooter, but never really got there. Still, felt like an RPG, just one you played over-the-shoulder. The sequel, though, is going to be different.

Or so developers BioWare hope. Speaking at GDC yesterday, BioWare's Ray Muzyka explains that, of the "bigger buckets of things we're working on" for Mass Effect 2, perhaps the most important is the way the game feels in terms of its shooting and its action.

"One of them is the intensity of the action, amping that up so people will see this as a shooter RPG", he says. "It's going to feel like shooter fans are going to have a great experience".

And RPG fans? Guess that's a question for another day. In the meantime, enjoy the new piece of concept art up top there.

BioWare Talks Mass Effect 2 [IGN]


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