Mega Man Sneakers Are Mega Blue

More. Video game. Sneakers. Little different this time around, though, because they're not Nikes. Not covered in any obvious logos or colour schemes, either. Then again, they don't need to be.

You can tell long before you read Puma's desperate product description that these are Mega Man sneakers. That kind of electric blue isn't going to be dug up for Gears of War. And if you can't, read Puma's desperate product description, which goes a little something like this:

A fantastic material and colour update inspired by Mega Man, a video game first released by Capcom in 1987. Whether you're familiar with the character or not, this synthetic leather material looks and feels like vinyl, giving the upper a shiny, retro-futuristic look. The addition of the perforated underlays, painted eyelets, & video game inspired pixelated emboss on the toe bumper complete this awesome look.

Almost entirely undone by the fact they're also offered in black, which isn't very Mega Man at all.

Puma Mega Man Shoes [Go Nintendo]


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