Metal Gear Solid Touch Expands, Gets 'Crazy' New Levels

Quite a few things wrong with Metal Gear Solid Touch. It's over-priced. And short. And reducing the series' stealth to a Duck Hunt clone is a bit silly. But hey, an expansion might help!

Series creator Hideo Kojima has announced that the series iPhone debut will soon be getting 8 new levels, which he describes as "crazy", moving on from sandbag shooting to include "touch-fighting" and "battling with robots".

According to Pocket Gamer, these 8 levels will be free to those who already own the game, though whether that means they'll come bundled with future purchases of the main game remains unclear.

No word on when we can see these new levels, as they're still in development.

8 new levels coming to Metal Gear Solid Touch to offer different gameplay [Pocket Gamer]


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