Michael Phelps Lists His Three Favourite NES Games, Asks For Yours

When Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is not winning gold medals, he is doing other things. Those recreational activities include playing video games among other things to help him chill out.

The 14-career-gold-medal holder Twittered his favourite three NES games:

Top 3 original NES games: 1. The Legend of Zelda 2. Super Mario Bros. 1 3. Contra What's yours!?

We're going to be blunt. It's hard to obsessively check Phelps' Twitter page and weed out spiffy game-related posts like this. Oh, and Michael Phelps smokes pot.

Michael Phelps Tells His Three Favourite NES Games [Kombo via GoNintendo][Pic]


    Wow, that photo is.. wow.. that's, uh.. wow.. okay..

    oh boy... why do my eyes keep straying back to his pelvic region...

    Surely this story being above the X-Box bong story is a remarkable concidence

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