Most Amazing PS3 Case Mod Ever?

If you're an Alien fan, that is. If not, this little homemade horror may seem like the biggest waste of a PlayStation 3 ever.

The tattoo artist/case modder responsible for this creation used (and burned himself with) super heated epoxy putty and Games Workshop's Chaos Black paint for the finish. He had to settle for a layer of gloss instead of sanding it — it sounds (and looks like) a bitch to smooth out.

The sculpt is as hard as a metal casting and permanently welds itself to everything, especially the plastic top. And it's only on the top panel and door so he can switch it out if he gets a new one.

And if anyone's interested, this is how I explained it to him; It takes ALOT more work than a portrait tattoo, which I would charge $300 for. So if I had to do something like this again... $300.

In Space, No Alien PS3 Case Mod Can Hear You Scream [Gizmodo via Cyberpunk Review via technabob]

alien case mod 1.jpg

alien case mod 2.jpg

alien case mod 3.jpg


    Im so Sorry but this looks like someone took a dump on top.


    I want one shaped like a Guyver unit.

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