Namco Bandai Cooking Up The Munchables For Wii

Publisher Namco Bandai isn't shying away from the risk of original IP on the Wii, announcing The Munchables for Nintendo's bestselling console today. Does fighting a Space Pirate onion interest you? If so, read on.

According to the official announcement, the Wii game will put players in the shoes of the titular, happy-go-lucky Munchables, a hungry race of googly-eyed, brightly coloured things that must defend themselves against Don Onion and his Space Pirates by eating them. More Space Pirate eating means bigger Munchables. Sound familiar?

The gameplay mechanics sound like a tasty soup that's one part The Maw, one part Katamari Damacy and one part Kirby. The game's visual style is about as saturated as those titles too, with a world that clearly draws inspiration from cake frosting. It's sickeningly sweet.

Namco has dated the game for May, but hasn't divulged details on the game's developer or why it makes mention of the Wii Balance Board in its press release. Maybe it's just covering bases.

the munchables screenshot 20090304 1.jpg

the munchables screenshot 20090304 2.jpg

the munchables screenshot 20090304 3.jpg

the munchables screenshot 20090304 4.jpg


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