Namco To Spin Tales Of Graces, Tales Of Versus

You keep buyin' 'em, Namco Bandai's Tales Studio is gonna keep makin' 'em. The Tales Of series of role-playing games, that is. The publisher of said series has registered trademarks for two new entries.

Expect both Tales Of Graces and Tales Of Vs. to appear on a console or portable gaming system within the next year, two potential new titles in the series. Namco Bandai shipped five Tales Of SKUs in Japan last year, just two of them made it to the West.

The publisher went on a Tales trademarking spree not too long ago in Japan, filing for marks on Tales Of Floweria and Tales Of Unitia, among others. We'd expect to see just random strings of alphanumerics at some point in the next decade, Tales Of A8xzZLKx9, for example. The dictionary is only so long.

Namco Bandai also has new outstanding trademarks for Muscle March and Broken Destiny, if those sound familiar. They don't to me.

Tales Of Vs. and Tales of Graces [USPTO]


    Will there be a PAL release of Tales of Vesperia coming out? I'd played part of it on my old NTSC console and it RRODed on me! Have a new PAL machine now and the game is region locked! I hope they do release PAL versions of the new games too!

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