Need For Speed: Shift Is The Ghost Of Project Gotham Racing

With developers Bizarre Creations now at Activision, the Project Gotham Racing series is dead in the water. But fans of the dormant franchise may want to take a look at Need for Speed: Shift.

I know, I know. It feels as strange to type that as it must be for you to read it. But just look at this trailer. Gone are the neon lights, the box art sluts and the general pitching at a bottom-dollar demographic. In its place, a racer. On race tracks. Which looks to be continuing PGR's insistence (one that, it should be noted, Codemasters' Grid joyfully continues) on forgoing a by-the-numbers simulation of a race car in favour of simulating the experience of driving a race car.

Love the way it handles those crashes.


    Is it too much to ask for a NFS game where the slowest car is a Lotus Elise? This looks better than all of the rice burner games but NFS should be an arcade racer the likes of which there are none on the current gen consoles. I mean, this is GRID/PGR meets the speed of Burnout, going by first impressions.

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