Netflix Interested In The PS3

Sony may be (publicly) disinterested in Netflix. Petulantly so. But that doesn't mean Netflix aren't interested in the PS3, as this recent survey attests.

If the above survey looks familiar, that's because it's identical to the Wii survey we saw the other day. Only they swapped out "Wii" and put "PlayStation 3" in there instead.

While we heard that streaming movies to the Wii would be difficult, to say the least, streaming to the PS3 would be a cinch. If the 360 can do it, the PS3 can do it.

Now, you could look at this as evidence Sony and Netflix are looking at adding the service to the PS3's arsenal of multimedia options. But then, it could just as easily be Netflix testing the waters with no input from Sony whatsoever, so don't get too carried on us, OK?

Is Netflix PS3-bound, too? [Engadget]


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