Netflix Outside Of The US? Yeah, Probably Not...

Is Netflix on 360 any good? Not being American, I wouldn't know! One day, though, I'd like to see the service offered outside of North America. But that doesn't sound likely.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Xbox UK boss Neil Thompson has said:

Netflix is a great deal in the US, and we're looking at what we might want to do here in the future. But we think the content we're offering is broad-ranging and pretty deep. We have to evolve the live service in different territories at different speeds, depending on what we're able to achieve.

You know when he trots out the "current content" line - as in, the Xbox Video Marketplace - you're not going to be seeing Netflix on a 360 outside NA in a hurry. And really, why would you? It's not like Netflix is offered to regular customers in the UK, or Europe, or Australia, or Japan, or anywhere else outside of the US, so it's not going to be available for 360 owners, either.

Not saying that's fair - I'm sure loads of people, myself included, would love to indulge in the convenience - it's just how it is.

Microsoft undecided on Netflix for Europe [Eurogamer]


    surely there are local services, say Bigpond movies or something similar in Oz

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