New Army Of Two Sequel Details Surface - The 40th Day?

With EA teasing a sequel to their co-op shooter Army of Two leading up to a potential reveal on March 12th, numerous details about the game are leaking out all over the internets.

Joystiq in particular has received a ton of info from an anonymous tipster, who goes into great detail on the sequel, allegedly titled Army of Two: The 40th Day, which definitely jibes with the "ARMYOFTWOTFD" discovered yesterday in the teaser site's Java tracking. Protagonists Rios and Salem return reluctantly to duty in Shanghai, where a network of private military contractors is looking to take over in the name of a mysterious leader. Throughout the story the player will be making moral choices that affect the game's multiple endings. The informant also mentioned followers, which would technically make the game Army of Two plus guests.

The game improves over the original with enhanced artificial intelligence (sorely needed), environment damage, a deeper weapons customisation system, and improved networking for the once again outsourced multiplayer.

Check out the Joystiq article for details on the first few levels of the game, but remember... none of this means anything until we have official word on Army of Two: The 40th Day.

Rumor: Army of Two sequel called 'The 40th Day' [Joystiq]


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