New Fable II Downloadable Content In The Works

A post on the Fable II development blog reveals that Lionhead is currently hard at work on new downloadable content for their award-winning role-playing game.

Lionhead's Sam Van Tilburgh tipped us off to the blog post, perhaps in order to make sure that you all weren't simply trading in Fable II after you finished the Knothole, or passing the game off to your nephew, because that would be a completely bone-headed thing to do. *sighs*

Anyway, Lionhead has a team in Guildford working around the clock on the new downloadable content, except for when they eat, or go home in the afternoon. Okay, part of the way around the clock. They'll be dropping details on what they have in store in the coming weeks, which gives you plenty of time to rescue your copy from your nephew's house in the dead of the night.

Some juicy Fable II news!
[Fable II Development Blog]


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