New Twitter Page Takes Suggestions for 'Modern Warfare 2'

Chatter earlier in February hinted that Modern Warfare 2 was in the works; an Infinity Ward Twitter account takes it a step further. They're taking requests for features in the game and a community site.

Set up about a week ago, the Twitter page asks (via Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling): "What are your top feature requests for the Modern Warfare 2 community site?" and "Name one thing you'd like to see in Modern Warfare 2?" The suggestions, some serious, others less so, continue to pile up.

If you have a Twitter account, you can provide your feedback to either - just reply to #mw2.

#MW2 [ via Joystiq]


    i think for modern warfare 2 we should be able to have more than one attachment to our guns like for example a M4 Carbine with a red dot site and a silencer on it at the same time and also it would be cool to be able to put a silencer on a sniper rifle or like have a M4 carbine with a red dot site and a grenade launcher attachment to it that woul be the coolest thing ever. because i love playing online and having different ways to hvae my gun costumized would keep me playin forever. thanx

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