Ngmoco Details iPhone Pet Sim, WiFi First-Person Shooter

Ngmoco released more details on their upcoming pet sim, Touch Pets, and announced a new online first-person shooter for the iPhone during today's Apple conference.

LiveFire is a first-person shooter that uses a 3G connection for online WiFi multiplayer matches. The game is controllable by moving your finger around on the left side of the screen and tapping the right side to fire.

You can send request to friends to invite them to a game and purchases, as in with real money, weapons. Booo, new DLC support.

Touch Pets, unveiled by the company last week, is described as a social pet simulator. The game will let you send out requests to other owners of the game for play dates with your dogs. You can, you guessed it, buy clothes and other dealios for your dog as well.

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