Nintendo Keynote Approaching!

Nintendo Keynote Approaching!

9am. Pacific Time in the United States. Set your watches. That’s when Nintendo president Satoru Iwata will take the stage for his GDC 2009 keynote address. And we’ll be there.

This being a major keynote, and this being Nintendo, anything could happen. Nintendo could stick with current form and announce, well, nothing. Just a feel-good story about how much money they’re making.

OR…they could do something special. Some are claiming that he’ll be up on stage showing off a bunch of new games for Wii, DS and WiiWare, both first-party and third-party.

Now, he might do both! He might do neither. That’s the thing with Nintendo. You never know. So tune in at 9. And bring enough tea and biscuits for an hour-long liveblog.

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