Nintendo's Big GDC News

With the Game Developers Conference less than a week away, it's time to start thinking about what we all expect to hear at the big show.

As we've mentioned before, this will be Nintendo's year at the show, meaning they will be the company with all of the splashy news. With the DSi due out next month and the Wii firmly established as a mainstream gaming platform, all eyes will be on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata when he deliveres his keynote speech on Wednesday.

While Iwata is officially there to talk about how developers can introduce innovative ideas to gamers, expect some news as well. I'm sure we'll also get to catch an all-singing, all-dancing presentation by Nintendo of America's greatest including one Reggie Fils-Aime and Cammy Dunaway. I wouldn't be surprised if Shigeru Miyamoto didn't take to the stage for a bit as well.

But here's the real question, besides talking up their overwhelmingly impressive numbers, touting their Wii expansion and the upcoming DSi, what news do you think will be landing?

Reggie still has to deliver on his promise to hardcore gamers that they haven't been forgotten, will this be the day?

What Will Nintendo Announce At GDC?
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    Who cares for movie streaming on the Wii? A new Zelda or Mario for Wii/DS is as inevtitable as the sun rising, so will hardly raise an eyebrow.

    A storage device for the Wii (perhaps a 32gb SD card reader upgrade, to coincide with the DSi's capabilities) would be nice, but that isn't spectacular enough to hang your keynote address on.

    No, it needs to be something far more awesome, something from far out of left field; awesome and left field like the "Motion-Plus-32gb-Rock'n'RollRacing-no-more-friend-codes add-on", but not.

    I can't help but keep my expectations low, to be honest, else I'll just be grossly disappointed when Ninty sound off about some new waggle input, and/or Wii Fit 2. Working in gaming retail has left me really jaded about the Wii,

    It WILL be GTA Chinatown Wars Wii.

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