Nintendo's DSi Commercial Explains Why White People Should Want One

With the Nintendo DSi edging closer to release in North America and Europe, good-looking potential customers who wear nothing but white in a hyper-clean utopia must ask themselves "Do I want one?"

Nintendo of Europe has done its best to help answer this question, harvesting a crowd of attractive people who wear nothing but pure white clothing, then letting them run wild with the DSi's new features. Watch as they marvel at capabilities of the new screen, the dual cameras, and DSi Ware, and each feature's ability to bring people closer together.

Clearly, people who can use bleach during every single load of wash are going to fall in love with the Nintendo DSi. Will you?


    Lower batterly life + No GBA = Fail.

    I have one already. The battery life is pretty damn good, the screen is much better, the speakers are much better, the new capabilities are brilliant, the store is cool and I haven't played a GBA game on my old DSLite since I lost Metal Slug Advance on a train. Before that the last GBA game I played on it was Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga.

    I don't miss the GBA slot and its SO much better than a DSLite.

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