No, Apple is Not Resurrecting the Dreamcast

But this is a working Dreamcast inside an iMac G3 case. Modder logicdustbin had some spare G3s and a 15-inch LCD monitor laying around, had a moment of inspiration, and soon the iCast was born.

"So I started taking shit apart," he says, and seeing the monitor fit in nicely the Dreamcast was the next logical step. It wasn't a piece of cake, but he pulled it off.

"A lot of work went into this, like getting the original power button to work for the new monitor and adding a power switch for the DC, then adding a sound amp to power the iMac's speakers... getting it all together was a bitch. It was all pretty fun to do, and it plays just great!"

You can get a look at it in this video:

How Frick'n Cool is This? [ via Engadget]


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