Pikmin 2 and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat Get New Play Control

Nintendo is rereleasing Pikmin 2 and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat with new Wii-friendly, remote control features, the publisher announced today.

These two games will be the latest to get the New Play Control treatment, which adds motion-sensing controls to classic Nintendo games. The original Pikmin and Mario Power Tennis were the first to hit the series.

The new Pikmin 2 will come with a few new features:

The Piklopedia is an in-game list of all the plants and creatures in that you have come into contact with throughout your exploration, from Bulborbs to Wollyhops. The Treasure Hoard lists all the treasures you have collected throughout your quest.

Pikmin 2 also features new Purple and White Pikmin. The Purple Pikmin is super strong, while the white Pikmin is immune to poison and can find hidden treasure.

The Donkey Kong Jungle Beat remake will come with two new stages, new enemies, new weapons and new bonuses.


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